Stand Against Scams

3 Jan 2018

Scams affect the lives of millions of people across the UK. People who are scammed often experience loneliness, shame and social isolation.

Friends against Scams is a National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team initiative, which aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams by empowering communities to "Take a Stand Against Scams".

Friends against Scams has been created to tackle the lack of scams awareness by providing information about scams and those who fall victim to them. This information enables communities and organisations to understand scams, talk about scams and cascade messages throughout communities about scams prevention and protection.

Friends against Scams encourages communities and organisations to take the knowledge learnt and turn it into action.

Anybody can join Friends against Scams and make a difference in their own way.

The aims of ‘Friends against Scams’ is to:

  • Highlight the scale of the problem by getting communities and the nation talking about scams.
  • Change the perceptions of why people become scam victims.
  • Prevent people from becoming or continuing to be a scam victim by providing more adequate support.
  • Recruit people to join the fight against scams to make this a scam-free nation.

You are invited to become a ‘Friend against Scams’.  Follow this link to find out how to get involved:

Spread the word and stand against scams:




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Deliver the message – against scams!


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